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Case Study

Veeam Exceeds Pipeline Expectations with IQdirect & IQconvert

The Challenge

Veeam was looking to shift its go-to-market strategy to target the enterprise space and needed a partner that could help them launch a multi-touch ABM campaign to target accounts.

The Solution

With pharosIQ, Veeam launched an integrated demand generation strategy to target their ABM accounts and nurture them to a sales-ready stage with IQdirect and IQconvert.

The Results

Using signal-driven targeting, Veeam was able to reach the decision makers within their ABM list through a multi-channel direct-to-desk and outbound sales campaign.

IQconvert: High-quality Leads


IQdirect: Direct-to-Desk Mail



Account Conversion Rate

The pharosIQ campaigns are exceeding all our expectations. They are blowing the numbers out of the water. If we’re expecting 150 profiled leads, we’re getting 200. If we’re expecting 25 meetings, we’re getting 40. And we’re seeing conversion rates as high as 25%.

Meredith Frick, Senior Marketing Manager for National Accounts, Veeam

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive more pipeline like Veeam with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.