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Case Study

ServiceNow Increases Speed to Revenue with IQconnect

The Challenge

ServiceNow needed a solution to foster close collaboration among field marketing, brand, campaigns, and product experts to produce tailored messaging for use from top-of-funnel to inside sales business development.

The Solution

With pharosIQ, ServiceNow engages many signal-driven campaigns across the buyer’s journey and has evolved targeting from a one:many to a one:one ABM approach with signal-driven intent and IQconnect.

The Results

ServiceNow can now orchestrate content syndication, email, digital profiling, and direct mail. This includes “two-touch” campaigns, which wrap a broader, early-stage outreach with a more targeted direct mail campaign.

IQconnect: Full-funnel Demand



Sales Pipeline

The great thing about pharosIQ is that we can get laser-focused not only on the geography and region but also home in on specific accounts that might need additional support. We’ve been able to build ABM micro-clusters that enable us to orchestrate very targeted, successful campaigns.

Heather Rath, Director of Field Marketing West, ServiceNow

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive more pipeline like ServiceNow with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.