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Case Study

SAP empowers ABM Strategy with pharosIQ down-funnel signals

The Challenge

SAP needed to optimize its intent-driven targeting models to provide insights into which accounts to prioritize for highly personalized and timely ABM sales and marketing outreach campaigns.

The Solution

With pharosIQ, SAP Intelligent Enterprise Solutions was able to unite global teams across product lines to deliver precise personalized messaging to key decision makers within its target accounts with IQconvert.

The Results

pharosIQ enabled SAP to drill down to identify building locations, buying teams, and even specific individuals who are likely buyers of its products and solutions. Resulting in a 400% increase in target buyer response.

IQconvert: Sales Outreach



Increase in ABM Program Engagement

With pharosIQ, the decision-makers self-select and become GDPR compliant, which is a major milestone. We can then establish a meaningful conversation that produces high-quality leads.
Jorge Granada, Global Lead, Programs Center of Excellence, SAP

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive more pipeline like SAP with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.