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Case Study

LexisNexis Generates $1m in Pipeline with IQconnect

The Challenge

LexisNexis needed to accurately identify prospects’ stages in the buyer journey to effectively communicate the right message at the right time to accelerate the path to purchase.

The Solution

With pharosIQ, LexisNexis launched a dynamic integrated demand generation strategy to identify in-market buyers and nurture them to a sales-ready stage using IQconnect.

The Results

Through a combination of B2B content syndication and direct-to-desk mail, LexisNexis was able to generate prospect engagement and profile potential buyers readiness for sales.

IQconnect: Full-funnel Leads



Sales Qualified Leads


Meetings Booked


Pipeline Created

pharosIQ commits to leads, and they don’t stop until they reach their goal. In our first campaign with pharosIQ, we generated over a million dollars in opportunities. They are focused on getting the right contacts into the top of the funnel.

Lizzy Feliciano, Sr. Director Marketing Healthcare Solutions, LexisNexis

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive more pipeline like LexisNexis with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.