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Intent Data Is Broken. What's Next?

Discover the structural flaws in current intent data practices and explore next-generation solutions to overcome them. This guide dives deep into the challenges faced by B2B marketers relying on traditional intent data sources, including the lack of linguistic diversity, geographic specificity, and actionable insights.

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Key Takeaways

Unlock the full potential of intent data with these essential strategies.
Global Reach
Expand intent data beyond English and North America to include global markets and languages.
Buying-Center Focus
Shift from broad company signals to detailed insights about specific buying centers.
Insightful Integration
Merge intent data with analytics and CRM for targeted, efficient marketing.
ROI Optimization
Streamline martech investments by focusing on effective, actionable intent data.
"You can't reduce complexity by adding more complexity."

Beyond Broken: The Future of Intent Data

Moving towards more accurate, actionable, and globally inclusive data sources. This eBook outlines a future where intent data is not only about identifying signals but about deriving meaningful insights that drive marketing and sales alignment, enhance customer engagement, and deliver on the promise of truly effective account-based marketing strategies.