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Case Study

Finastra Delivers International Impact With IQsyndicate

The Challenge

Finastra encountered some real challenges with managing existing multichannel programs, message consistency, and channel optimization. Immediately, they had to find a way to manage multiple business unit views, remove audience targeting from within siloes of platforms and teams and activate large communication channels that remain untargeted.

The Solution

Finastra sought to target its existing customers globally, requesting that LOB prioritize the content. Creating multiple IQsyndicate program instances for each message with their own set of intelligence, pharosIQ was able to prioritize accounts based on those demonstrating the strongest down-funnel intent signals to receive syndicated content first.

The Results

In just 12 months, MRP delivered over 2000 qualified leads and an ROI ratio of 33:1. In addition, the IQsyndicate campaigns were designed to increase awareness across multiple LOBs and regions and to survey customers after already prioritizing them within a given program. The results of which drove actionable insights that are imperative to informing future lead generation strategies.

IQsyndicate: Driving leads that convert.



Qualified Leads


33:1 ROI Ratio

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive higher ROI like Finastra with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.