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Case Study

EightBar Achieves International Impact with IQconvert

The Challenge

After running demand generation campaigns with various vendors, EightBar was unimpressed. Most vendors delivered nothing more than unqualified leads or, worse, multiple instances of low engagement from the same organization.

The Solution

With pharosIQ, EightBar was able to shift to signal-driven targeting based on the buyer’s journey for an optimal ABM approach to driving high-quality leads with Signal-driven targeting and IQconvert.

The Results

Just two quarters after the campaigns went live, pharosIQ accelerated the delivery of quality BANT-qualified opportunities to Eightbar's sales and marketing teams, resulting in 65% more opportunities.

IQconvert: High-quality Leads







Increase in Opportunities

My clients within IBM are extremely happy with the quality and contactability of the opportunities. pharosIQ delivered head and shoulders above the other vendors. It speaks volumes that pharosIQ was able to establish relationships within our multiple offices.
Ross Smith, Account Director, EightBar

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive more pipeline like EightBar with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.