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Case Study

CrowdStrike Enhances Cybersecurity Marketing with pharosIQ

The Challenge

CrowdStrike sought to engage discerning cybersecurity solution audiences within the APJ market. To do so they knew optimizations would need to be made to how intent data was ingested within their systems and implemented within targeting strategies.

The Solution

CrowdStrike was able to combine existing intent data with pharosIQ’s signal engine to identify down-funnel signals and launch content syndication campaigns that focused on key in-market accounts with content syndication.

The Results

This collaboration produced exceptional results, with pharosIQ's leads driving above-average conversion rates from MQL to discovery call. These leads seamlessly progressed through the sales funnel, showcasing the effectiveness of pharosIQ in driving qualified demand.

Increased MQL to Discovery Call Rate

This is a testimony to the success of having the right audience environment to showcase our best work with customers. pharosIQ is great in helping us understand our prospects’ research topics and content preferences.

CrowdStrike APJ

Shift to Signal-driven Lead Generation

Drive more pipeline like CrowdStrike with pharosIQ precision down-funnel targeting and solutions.